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Kustom360 iOS App Now Available

We have made it even easier to deploy Kustom360 to more of your employees and partners. iPhone users can now use Kustom360 to submit field reports.
Here is complete list of what’s included this version:

Available Features

  • Itinerary with Notes
  • Check in and Check out
  • Forms
  • Photo and Signature Capture
  • Accomplishments
  • Announcements
  • Settings

New Feature
  • Map View - Displays current location and route if available

  • Route Tracking - Works only when the app is in use. Due to Apple’s data privacy requirements, we have turned off background location in this version. Check in and check out locations are still accurately captured.
  • Multiple Choice form field - Long questions may be truncated. This will be addressed in an update as soon as possible.
  • Announcements - No acknowledgement button yet

Not Yet Available

  • Geofencing - Users will still be able to check in to geofenced accounts
  • Conditional Form Fields - All form fields wll visible at once
  • Formula Fields - Number fields will still be visible but will not be computed according to the formula in the field settings
  • Video and Audio Capture

Users will be able to use the iOS and Android apps simultaneously, but Kustom360 does not yet sync across both operating systems. To avoid duplicate reports and data discrepancy, use the app on only one OS at a time. If there is a need to switch from Android to iOS or vice versa, users must first check out and make sure that all reports are sent before switching.

Click here to download the app or search for Kustom360 in the Apple App Store.

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